How to evaluate the Mediterranean without being familiar with its eastern part, the Middle East devastated by wars, enriched by a glorious past, and at the same time surrounded by enemies that hate each other to death but with such a deep culture. Egypt dazzles us with a glorious past and it amazes us for its present lifestyle composed of people that know how to overcome each difficulty by coloring their world with a thousand spices. The Nile, its source of life and inspiration makes each of us dream. Jordan catches the attention of history lovers. With its desert, tents, and Roman ruins one feels for sure in a wonderland. A small country, yet so rich and interesting in culture. Israel is a relatively new state that it is important to be familiar with to understand how history amalgamates with religion and arduous work to create a country with different aspects. From one side modern and secular and from the other religious and conservative Israel deserves to be seen.