Private Tours And Experiences

Our tours are conducted with guides, a van, and a driver. Our programs are flexible and are adapted to our guest’s needs. We visit museums, mosques, interesting neighborhoods, and all that is related to the culture of the place. Our guests are often anxious to visit the town, hence they are interested to know what places to visit. In case of a private tour, our guests have at our disposal a guide and a van with a driver. The duration of an excursion is roughly 8 hours. The places of interest of the group are visited according to the people‘s rhythm. Our country has a lot to offer to visitors. Once here the desire to get to know the culture and its monuments is huge. In this case what enters the scene is the dialogue between the guide and the guest to create the appropriate itinerary taking into consideration the weather conditions, the traffic, and the opening days of the museums. The private tour is one of the best options for a personalized and pleasant experience.

Special Interest Groups

Not everybody would like to visit the same things. That is why we have appropriate tours with competent guides to design the tours of special interest. The museums, the mosques, the market would pretty much make everybody dream, but a journalist for example would want to go beyond what a regular tourist would do. In this case, we adapt ourselves to our guests’ requests. A group interested in the history of art or painting will perfectly be able to visit art galleries or exhibitions. A group interested in Byzantine history will have an itinerary that will include visits to churches, neighborhoods as well as Byzantine walls. The options of the customized tours are various. Please contact our agency for any customized tours with your particular field of interest.


Gastronomy is a world unto itself that attracts millions of people. Turkey has a lot to say about this subject. Going through street food markets, being familiarized with various spices, and tasting the delicious Turkish dishes is one of a kind experience. We would be delighted to open the doors of tastes, colors, and smells for you. Turkey has 7 regions and their culinary customs are quite different. When in the north everything’s fish, corn, tea on the western coast it is all about olive oil, all kinds of herbs, and delicious fruits. In the east, you can have a full table without any meat, while on the other hand eating a meal without meat would be considered a crime. If one can talk about the culinary richness in the big towns, we mainly owe it to the people who hail from different parts of the country who contribute to the cuisine with their own flavors and peculiar way of cooking. Our country is rich and that is perfectly visible in our markets of a thousand colors. Besides what is sold there, they are worth a visit for the salesmen who sing and yell to attract their clients.

Art Scene

What could be the art scene of a country that was once the cradle of civilizations? Only one word would describe it: Marvelous. The transition of civilizations in this land left its mark everywhere by transmitting harmony and sensitivity in the art of creativity. In these lands, the people have passed on their artistic wealth to the following people in a way that art has had an extraordinary continuity without ever noticing the wonderful cultural heritage. In fact, one can visit a temple built 12000 years ago and a digital exhibition during the same trip. Would you like to visit temples? Rock churches with frescoes, gold mosaics, miniatures, manuscripts, get to know the life of the artists, poets, and painters? To know about the history of art and contemporary art? This country offers all of this with an oriental touch which even makes it more interesting.

History & Architecture

Today’s Turkey is a mixture of people that come from the east and west. The footprint of a powerful empire doesn’t erase the Greek or the Roman past. It just makes it stronger. The architecture confirms it to us and it opens us the magic doors of the great history of Turkey. Depending on which region of Turkey we visit we need to open registers. These registries become richer every day thanks to the new methods of investigation used by modern archeology. Today we can’t limit ourselves to what just one book says. We have all the tools to compare the laboratory evidence about writings and myths. All of this not only paves the way for archeology to teach us how cities were once but also provides us with quite a bit of information about how people lived, what they ate, read, and did. In this subject, Turkey is fortunate because it is on seismic ground. The earthquakes have stopped time. This calamity for the people who lived in that era came to be a vehicle to unearth so many aspects of their surrounding culture. Today we have much more knowledge than we had 30 years ago and it is a matter of pride and joy to share it with our guests. 


To buy something in a trip is to want to take a piece of this country home and to remember this place forever and the moment. Turkey with a huge variety of textiles, carpets, tiles of numerous colors, and jewels amazes anybody. If a traveler visits a palace with beautiful chandeliers he or she is likely to think that it would be nice to have something similar at home to feel oneself as a sultan or a king. From this moment on he or she envisions some changes at home in order to decorate it with similar objects that the person has appreciated. During our tours we have the opportunity to go to a lot of markets, to visit pottery workshops, souvenir stores that have such diverse items as boxes of inlay, and all the rest that reflects the taste and the art of our country. Moreover, we help you to understand things that are worth buying and to distinguish the difference between them. 

Exclusive Special Events

For special events, we have a huge variety of choices. We are not short of magical places, or venues well equipped to organize any kind of event. Would you like to celebrate a birthday ?? Or a wedding party in the sultan’s palace. What about an incentive trip for your work colleagues? Turkey has a lot to offer in all the events mentioned above and even more. Please consider this country as an ideal place for an amazing honeymoon. Consider this country to gather religious groups to celebrate the day of saints in the house of the Virgin Mary. We have had a surprise marriage proposal in a rock church in Cappadocia in the presence of a priest. We’ve also witnessed a marriage proposal in a balloon. What we are trying to say here is we are here to make your dreams and projects come true. 

Religious Tourism

Imagine a country that treasures temples of 12000 years old, pagan temples of all kinds, an emperor that embraces Christianity, the transition from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire with all kinds of religions and sects. In these lands, we have quite a bit of the 3 monotheistic religions and it wouldn‘t be a difficult task to find out about the prehistoric rites. If we mention the pagan era Turkey Turkey has had numerous temples since Antiquity. And if we talk about Christianity in this country we come across the routes of Saint Paul, The House of Virgin Mary, The Church of Saint Nicholas, and Nicea with its ecumenical council…But Christianity in Turkey is under the leadership of the Orthodox Church whose churches can be seen in many parts of the country. All these churches with their patriarchates and Byzantine influence impress us and earn our admiration. Besides Orthodox Christianity and Judaism, Islam leaves its mark through its philosophical sects and its mosques with their mysterious ambiance which has just the simple decoration of tiles and calligraphy. All religions have enough depth worth investigating and the fact that we have a mosque, a church, and a synagogue in the same square whispers the following to our ears: We have a lot to teach to each other.

Family Travel

Family experiences, especially on trips, are unforgettable. Today we have an accelerated rhythm in all societies around the world. To be able to travel with the family is a very precious moment. We provide services to each member of the family so that they would feel equally happy. Sometimes a cultural trip which ends on a sunny beach is quite pleasant for everybody! You dream and we will make it come true for you.

Health And Wellness

When it comes to health and well being Turkey proves to be one of the best countries in this field. The health services besides being one of the best in terms of quality are also quite competitive price-wise. Recently the number of patients looking for solutions in hair transplant, dental services, or plastic surgery in Turkey has gone up. An infield of well-being Turkey has a lot to offer with its beauty centers, camps that would like to change their lifestyle by losing weight or doing yoga. Since the Old Ages the Spring Waters, Roman Baths then Turkish Baths were always part of life in this country. We can certainly offer you our help if you intend to organize a healthy and well-being trip.

Gulet Voyages

You probably traveled on the world‘s best cruise ships but nothing is comparable to the pleasure of traveling on a private boat. There you‘d be at ease with your family or friends having breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a week with all the service and the attention that you would expect from us. We have a huge range of private boats which includes from the most simple model up to the fanciest one. The Turkish coasts offer many tour options. Each one of them is magnificent since we get very close to the coast in order to enjoy the view and the nature without ever feeling dizzy. When you wish to disembark from the boat you can do so to visit a little village or an ancient town.

The tours are usually weekly and the starting day is on Saturdays…We are here to organize for you the most appropriate trips on the most convenient dates. 

Tours in Other Countries

In our team, we love to travel. Each country that we visit inspires us to enhance our spectrum of excursions. Turkey is full of history but history is incomplete when it is not looked at it from different standpoints in order to understand what was going on around us. Having said that the fact that one can visit different countries on the same trip can be quite interesting and challenging from the traveler‘s point of view. To cover different cultures, countries, to go from the middle eastern deserts to Aegean beaches, or to go from the Greek Islands to the Euphrates River can for sure make your trip very interesting indeed. We have tours in Europe and in the Middle East that we combine with your package in Turkey.

Airport Transfer

We have a transfer service from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport by air-conditioned and chauffeured vehicles. Each passenger is greeted upon arrival with a sign to be escorted to the hotel in the most comfortable way possible.