Mesopotamia has been the cradle of civilizations. Today with the new archeological findings we learn that 12000 years ago people knew how to build temples and make statues with which we clearly understand that the first signs of civilization were here .20 years ago we would be unable to tell the people what we do today and perhaps not even 10 years ago we knew what we know today. Albeit what we know will still intrigue us for a long time and most probably we will never be able to decipher the secrets of this place. There are new findings around Göbeklitepe like Karahantepe or other archeological sites which never stop surprising us and give us a clue of these mysterious temples. The Mesopotamian region is not just a simple location where one sees the beginning of civilization but here rather you discover Mardin with its limestone streets, churches adjacent to mosques with its agreeable and discreet people. Gaziantep, a culinary paradise with its mosaic museum which leaves art lovers speechless, is one of the points that we visit in southeastern Turkey.