A cosmopolitan city full of life with a population which is nearly 20 million offers a thousand different aspects. The traveler is one day surprised by its endless mosques and on another day would be amazed by the alleys of the old town. On the next day, the same person would come across churches and synagogues in the streets of the Golden Horm. The fact that İstanbul is a bridge between the East and the West has made this town enjoy a cultural and a commercial wealth for a long time.



In the heart of Anatolia, we are amazed by a spectacular view which comes along with a lot of history and peace. We are certain that if you go there once you will want to go back, and if you are there you will want to meditate. Thus, it is not surprising that this region was one of the centers of Christianity for having so much peace and for its rocks which made it easy to build churches with. With its 2000 rock churches, they pass on the wisdom of their inhabitants which tells us for sure the experience of all these people. To travel to Cappadocia is to leave the world in which we live, to feel new emotions, the silence, and the peace. Besides guided tours, we also offer experiences in balloons, safari, hiking, and horse riding.



Despite its history of 8000 years, what we know about Ephesus today is the Roman town. The excavations that have been carried out until today are the smallest part of what the city has been and its splendor. Today we can contemplate a city with its streets, shops, public baths, theaters, libraries, homes, and port. In each step, we are amazed by the white marble streets and the temples dedicated to different emperors. This ancient town is the most visited in our country. Besides, it is located very close to the House of Virgin Mary and the majority of our guests are happy to visit it.



In Anatolia there are plenty of ancient towns. But what is the secret? The secret is that they all have something different. The one of Pamukkale is that it has a castle of cotton in its center. This is just an expression. What the city has in reality is a spring of hot water with bicarbonate of calcium which leaves this aspect of snow in its rocks. Besides the water and the castle, the traveler will come across here a Roman town called Hierapolis with a magnificent theater, an immense necropolis, and its temples dedicated to Gods.



If we stop to think about it, few countries would be as poetic as Greece. Imagine a country that brought philosophy, mathematics, theater, and much more to humanity. To visit the city of Athens which is dedicated to a Goddess and to tour the country from A to Z will just make you admire this culture which has been the basis of today’s European democracy and civilization. Apart from the cultural aspect, the coasts, the islands, and the Greek beaches are among the most romantic and amusing. To eat at a Greek restaurant and enjoy their food while having a sip of ouzo will just be enough to fall in love with this beautiful country.

Göbeklitepe, Gaziantep, Mardin


Mesopotamia has been the cradle of civilizations. Today with the new archeological findings we learn that 12000 years ago people knew how to build temples and make statues with which we clearly understand that the first signs of civilization were here .20 years ago we would be unable to tell the people what we do today and perhaps not even 10 years ago we knew what we know today. Albeit what we know will still intrigue us for a long time and most probably we will never be able to decipher the secrets of this place. There are new findings around Göbeklitepe like Karahantepe or other archeological sites which never stop surprising us and give us a clue of these mysterious temples. The Mesopotamian region is not just a simple location where one sees the beginning of civilization but here rather you discover Mardin with its limestone streets, churches adjacent to mosques with its agreeable and discreet people. Gaziantep, a culinary paradise with its mosaic museum which leaves art lovers speechless, is one of the points that we visit in southeastern Turkey.

The Aegean and The Mediterran regions of Turkey


The Turkish coasts have witnessed big civilizations throughout centuries with their fertile soil and favorable climate to live in. Thanks to their natural beauty the Turkish coasts receive millions of tourists every year. These two regions besides having wonderful beaches and secret bays have a lot of history and are fun to visit. Being so close to the innumerous Greek Islands the Aegean Cost offers you the possibility of visiting both countries ( Turkey and Greece ) with just a boat trip of half an hour. Bodrum, one of the most visited destinations of Turkey with its rich history, beautiful beaches, and homes, is easily capable of making you fall in love with it. The Mediterranean with its mountains and the sea gives you the possibility to ski and swim on the same day. Antalya on the other hand with its ancient towns and the cosmopolitan population is a destination one can easily visit during the whole year.

Egypt, Jordan, Israel


How to evaluate the Mediterranean without being familiar with its eastern part, the Middle East devastated by wars, enriched by a glorious past, and at the same time surrounded by enemies that hate each other to death but with such a deep culture. Egypt dazzles us with a glorious past and it amazes us for its present lifestyle composed of people that know how to overcome each difficulty by coloring their world with a thousand spices. The Nile, its source of life and inspiration makes each of us dream. Jordan catches the attention of history lovers. With its desert, tents, and Roman ruins one feels for sure in a wonderland. A small country, yet so rich and interesting in culture. Israel is a relatively new state that it is important to be familiar with to understand how history amalgamates with religion and arduous work to create a country with different aspects. From one side modern and secular and from the other religious and conservative Israel deserves to be seen.

Italy, France


If Italy is picturesque, France is elegant and luxurious. If Italy has its spark and the joy, France has its sophistication and philosophy. Traveling around Italy or France can be one of the most pleasant experiences in the world. Italy from the north to the south is pure art, colors, joy, and new friendships. With all its medieval villages and beaches, Italy is an open-air museum for everybody. France attracts tourists with its capital, makes people fall in love with its Blue Coast, and is definitely a magnet for travelers for its museums, cuisine, wines, Christmas Markets, and perfumes. At each time of the year, we have different attractions for both countries.